Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am going on a Vacation again!

I am going to Bangkok for a week from the end of the month.  My husband left today for a business trip and I am following him later.

I have never been to Thailand and unfortunately I wont get to go to one of the islands like Puket but I will have fun shopping and relaxing.  I am very excited about going and have already started packing.  Don't worry I am leaving lots of space in my bag for extra weight coming home hehe.

All this traveling I do gave me enough frequent flyer points to get there so this is a very affordable vacation if you don't count the shoes and handbags I will buy.

There has been a terrorist alert on there but nothing has been said for a week now so I think it has all settled down.  I will post some pictures when I come back.

Till then, have a great week and stay safe.

Oh and I nearly forgot to tell you that I have been doing well with my Crock Pot Recipe Books on Kindle so if you have one or and iPad or iPhone go and have a look at my Author Page which lists my books at
Pauline's Amazon Author Page.

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