Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A new venture in giving marketing help

Hi I am back from a bit of a rest from posting.  I have to fill you in about my weight which has been going down but little by little.  I have lost about 3 kgs. I am not worried about that as it means I will be able to keep it off and my skin has a chance to adjust hopefully and I wont go too saggy - yuk.

I have started a new venture in internet marketing and have got myself a mentor.  He is a a young guru of internet marketing called Alex Jeffreys.  I joined his mentoring program and doing great guns.  I am studying hard and following his direction so that has kept me pretty busy.

I have built a blog to help others who are starting out and by giving marketing help I can really help others on my goal and theirs towards financial success.  I want to be able to retire in the next few years and have been worried about how I was going to manage financially.  I am also going to be displaced at my workplace in the next 6 months so this training has come at the right time.

I have always wanted to help other bloggers like myself make money online and I have been lucky that Alex has given me a FREE WEBINAR for my readers to watch.  He is a great trainer so you can benefit at no cost from this webinar.  There is no catch, just click on the link and I will send it to you or just click on the banner below.

Here's to our success for the near future!

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