Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sydney made the top 10 best cities to live in

News out today is that Sydney has again made the top 10 world's best cities to live in, coming in at 10th place. Mercer Worldwide Quality of Living Survey 2008 ranked Sydney down one spot from last year.

Cities are rated across 39 areas considering such 'quality of life' factors as political and economic stability, human rights and personal freedoms, pollution, crime rates, health standards and the cost of consumer staples.

Zurich came in again as first and the highest entry for the United States was Honolulu at 28th place.

Congratulations to the city I grew up in - Sydney, Australia. On a sunny day, looking out over the harbour there is no better place to be.


Mats said...

Sydney is a very OK place to live - but 10th in the world? I'm not sure about that.. I think they underestimate the effect of culture and heritage!

Angeltraveler said...

I love Sydney so I think it should be higher as its a great place to live.

Just look at what cities that came in 1-9 on the list to see if you think they did consider culture and heritage.