Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good intentions for 2010

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I was thinking about my New Year's resolutions for 2010 as a lot of us are when I realized I didn't make one for 2009.  I thought I had, I was sure I had, but it seems I was just going to adopt the 2008 one and try and achieve that.  Are you good at achieving goals?

You guessed it, I didn't do so well achieving much in 2008 or 2009.  I looked at those resolutions again and decided why change things, so I will just adopt 2008 again, but this time I am going to really make sure I achieve at least 5 out of the 6 and I will add one. 

Here they are:
  1. Increase my income, online or offline
  2. Get some house improvements completed
  3. Work less hours
  4. Take a vacation
  5. Do a fun course or hobby 
  6. Join a club or community group
  7. new Lose some weight, actually lose a lot of weight
Out of these I have been working on nos. 1, 2 achieving a little, and did do no. 4 this year by traveling overseas to the Cook Islands.  Next year I am going to achieve all of them if I can, and so I will have to have a plan.  No. 3 is the one that may be my biggest challenge.

What techniques do you use to achieve your goals?  Would love to hear from you so I don't have to do 2008 again in 2011.
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