Friday, April 2, 2010

Preparing for Easter

Easter bunnyImage by Stitch via Flickr
 I have been doing some spring cleaning (although it's not spring here) and wonder why I wait till the house looks like a bomb hit it before I decide to give it a good spruce up. 

I am tired now and I have only really done the kitchen, cleaning everything down and making the benches look uncluttered, even throwing things out and that is saying something.

I have lunch to cook on Easter Sunday for the family so I need to start on that tomorrow.  I can see I am not going to get too much done before then.  Maybe I can start on the dining room and have that in a half decent state by then.  It is not a big mess really but I hoped to get everything gleaming before then.  I realize now I didn't allow myself enough time.

I started all this as I have 4 days off work over the Easter break so thought it would be a good time to get things done I never have time for otherwise, but I can see I will go back to work exhausted.  Maybe not such a good plan!

Oh well, these things have to be done and I am the person to do it.   
Happy Easter everyone!

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