Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Persuading other people using your Charisma

People have different personalities that makes them unique. It’s a bit hard dealing with every individual since not all of them are the same; some are easy to deal with, others are not. 

Charisma makes a lot difference when dealing with other people. Charisma is like a magnet that attracts people and inspires them. It is like an aura that surrounds a person and makes them wanted. Charismatic people have the ability to persuade not only other people but also his/her surroundings to be able to bring their dreams alive. The influence should start within themselves and they should act on it in order for those people to think and do things the way they expected.

You should not give up once a person is not acting in the way you wanted or believe on the ideas that you want to convey with them, because each of us has different points of view and we never get easily influenced by other people’s insights and actions. Remember, we have our own power to act on the things that we consider, and no one can control us. We’re not like robots, we are human and we want to be free… free to express our mind and act on it.

But once you get their trust, they are willing to follow everything you desired them to do. They hand over their faith and depend upon you to take important decisions on their behalf. They look for direction and are willing to be driven. Charisma gives a power to take such responsibilities and work towards the benefit and for betterment of other people. Charisma is equivalent to leadership, which provides direction with purpose in the life of others.

There are certain things that coerced this world, and charisma is one of them. It is a quality of a person that builds over time by obtaining the knack that are admired and trusted by other people. You need to work on it and learn to value it. Most of all, learn to respect others opinions. Show them respect, and they will respect you in return.

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