Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Acting on New Years Resolutions

Today I thought about what my New Years resolutions were and how was I going - towards them or standing still. The first was the website (Ive done that), the second was this blogspot (did that too obviously), third one was travel to a warm relaxing place with a white sandy beach to lie on, and the fourth was to do some home improvements.

Well its February and I have done two of the four which is pretty good really for me. I usually dont get anything done until around September then Im rushing to finish one or two if Im lucky.

Today I thought I would start on researching my third resolution, the travel one. I have a few places in mind to start and they are Tahiti and Cook Islands as land based destinations and Hawaii cruising. Ive always wanted to go to Tahiti and I was toying with a cruise but think that Ive only just come back from a cruise in November last year so a land based holiday may be better this time.

So if I want to do the Hawaiian and the Tahitian cruises at some time, maybe the Cook Islands is the best choice this year (I must check that there is no uprising going on there though).

OK so I have narrowed my choices to one and I will start from today. Anybody got some good experiences they want to share about this destination? Where did they stay, what did they do etc.

Home improvements can wait for later in the year (the house isnt quite falling down yet).

Until next time....


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