Saturday, February 16, 2008

My 'before you leave home' travel tips

I would like to share with you some of my favorite travel tips. Ones that I use when planning my holidays. I have used these all myself over and over again.
  • Make 3 copies of your travel documents (take one in your carryon, one in checked luggage and one to leave with a family member or friend).
  • Check out destinations online before you leave to work out a plan for the time you have there.
  • Take some money in the local currency (for taxis, tipping etc) for when you arrive. Often flights arrive at night.
  • Check out the voltage at your destination and take an adapter or voltage regulator if necessary.
  • Carry emergency contact numbers for your credit cards and email addresses for family and friends at home.
  • Take out travel insurance to cover medical emergencies, missed flights and other canceled travel arrangements especially when traveling overseas.
  • Do you need passports or visas? Work this out well ahead of your travel dates. Make sure your passport doesnt expire within 6 months of traveling.
  • Check with your doctor about 3 months before you leave (if possible) about any vaccinations you may need, if any, and for scripts for the medications you currently take (take your scripts with you).
  • Try and get flights that arrives in the morning and leave at night so you get two extra days for your holiday.
  • Take a photo of your luggage. Its easier than trying to describe it.

Follow the tips above and you will have avoided some pitfalls even before you left.


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