Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cooking with Nana

My granddaughter likes to come visit and cook with me.  She also likes to shop with me too :)  She has been doing that since she was about 2 or 3 years old and she is 6 now.  It's our time together and we enjoy it.

I bought her an apron last year so she brings that with her when she comes over.  She had been wearing one of mine and it was just too big.  Now she has her own pretty pink one and it is the same style as mine.

We like to make slices and cakes as well as helping me with cooking my Crock Pot Meals. She doesn't seem to tire from helping me in the kitchen and I love to have her there with me. It would be nice if she grew up to be a good cook and is making a good start so far.

Yesterday we made a cake in the crock pot and as she was staying for dinner that night with her parents and brother, we had the cake as dessert while it was still warm. See the picture in this post for an action shot of her mixing the cake. Note thought she is not wearing her pretty apron as she forgot to bring it with her.

Time with grandchildren is so precious and I am so happy I can spend time like this with her.  I wonder if my grandson will want to cook with me too when he gets old enough?

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Tien said...

What sweet picture and the touching time spent together. I love it. These will be the wonderful memories that will stay with her childhood. -Tien :)

Angeltraveler said...

Yes I will have some wonderful memories and the children grow up so fast :(

a49erfangirl said...

The time you spend together is something she is going to remember. I envy your granddaughter. I never knew mine. But I spent time with my aunt and I remember how much I loved when she and I would bake things. I can hear her today telling me make sure you mix in only one direction. My little girl who is almost 2 loves to help me back things. She hears the mixers and comes running in and says help help..