Monday, January 25, 2010

Australia Day 1010

On Australia Day, Tuesday 26 January, a public holiday, many people have a tradition of the good old Aussie BBQ or as we call it a barbie.  We love this tradition so we invited the family around and fired up the barbie for a relaxing lunch. 

It is mid summer in Australia and today the temperature was around 30C (86F).  It was a perfect day though to sit outside and enjoy the garden, the company of family and have a nice BBQ lunch. We cooked lamb chops, sausages and onions on the BBQ and had assorted salads and herb bread.  I also made Anzac biscuits to have with coffee.

It was a great day, and we celebrated it the way we wanted, but many communities started with breakfast in parks all over Australia today.  There are many activities on all over Australia, for example there will be a concert in the Domain and Fireworks at Darling Harbour in Sydney tonight.  There is nothing like a fireworks spectacular over beautiful Sydney Harbour.

We celebrate today the landing of the First Fleet by Captain Arthur Philip although aboriginal communities have lived in this land for over 50,000 years.  People from all lands have come here to start a new life and today we also celebrate Australia as a great place to live and our pride in being Australian.

Please see video below which has lovely images of Australia and the song "We are Australian" explains perfectly what it is to be Australian.

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