Friday, February 26, 2010

My Darling cooks for me

I love cooking but during the week when I am working I would rather leave that task to my darling partner/fiancee/best friend.  He cooks our dinner about 3- 4 times a week and makes some great meals.

I would like to thank him publicly here for all he does to make my life easier.  He is a gem.  I work full time, do a part time course and blog in my spare time so I really appreciate that he cooks dinner those times. 

He has his favorite meals like steak and salad, pork chops with apple sauce, and my favorite being spaghetti with seafood marinara (see pictures).  He is retired now and so he can produce a great dinner at his own pace, that is, when he can drag himself away from work in the garden or a good book.  He even cleans up after himself.

As it is summer here in Australia we like to eat outdoors and we have a small balcony that overlooks the lake so we sit out there with a glass of wine and a nice meal and relax.  

Thanks Darling for all the meals you have cooked for me.


Nyumix said...

You're so lucky. My beloved one cooked for us as well but it was long time ago. Now, he prefer to enjoy the food that I cook for him.

Angeltraveler said...

You must be too good a cook then Nyumix :)