Friday, February 5, 2010

Our dreams

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We all dream but most of us don't know their meaning, that is, what our dreams are all about.  We just take more notice of them when the dream is disturbing or out of the ordinary in some way. The dreams that we enjoy are also often remembered but not as much as our 'bad'  or disturbing dreams.

Your unconscious mind comes out every night to sort through your daily thoughts.  Wow I am glad no one else see this :) What goes on in the day will get reviewed and filed away again.  A good idea is to have a dream diary beside your bed. I have one myself with a pen and a spare pair of glasses nearby just in case I have a particular dream I want to remember.  If you wait until later you forget it believe me!

So what are dreams?  They are your unconscious sorting through the days events, unresolved problems surfacing or they are messages from angels/spirit guides. Enjoy your dreams and listen to the message. You can check out other articles like this on my DREAM TOWN blog.
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